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Clinic description and services 

Private practice for dental medicine Danijela Benkus, dr. med.dent. is located in a contemporary and pleasant office space with modern equipment which provides a quick, painless and high quality dental care for all patients.

The location of the practice is in a small town Ivanec in the western part of Varaždin County just 30 km from Slovenian border.

team. If we have tickled your curiosity, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

More about us 

Dr. Danijela Benkus graduated in 1994 at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. During her 20 years long work experience she continuously develops her knowledge, skills, and abilities required to stay current on the changing demands of professional practice and she follows the latest trends in dental medicine.

Esthetic (Cosmetic) Dentistry is the most dynamic branch of dental medicine and responding successfully to any demanding cosmetic problem is a challenge for her team.

Her assistant Silvija Šumečki, who approaches every patient professionally and with kindness, is also in her dental team.

The practice cooperates with regular external associates such as dentist and oral surgeon for dental implants and other surgical procedures.

Prosthetics are made in cooperation with private dental laboratory where the quality management system is based on ISO 9001-2008 international norm which is provided by an international management systems certification company DNV-GL.

Why choose us?

Digital technology in dental medicine has rapidly progressed in the last years and has completely overshadowed any classical dental treatment procedures.

It is unimaginable nowadays to make a precise, high quality and aesthetically demanding works without using dental technology.

CAD-CAM technology enables digital creating of precise prosthetics with perfect anatomical shape, size and aesthetics. That brings the possibility of mistake to the minimum.

This type of modern technology system uses primarily for prosthetics but the other dental specialties can also benefit from it.

This level of cooperation enables a complete dental service of any kind and complexity.

We are your trustworthy team!


Cost of services

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Fixed Prosthodontics

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  • All-Ceramic Crown -

  • Zirconium -

  • Ceramic Inlay/Onlay -

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  • Dental Implants -

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Danijela Benkus dr. med. dent.


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Danijela Benkus dr. med. dent.


Zubni implantati su titanski vijci koji se ugrađuju u dio čeljusne kosti na mjestu gdje nedostaje prirodni zub, a cilj je nadomještanje izgubljenih korijena prirodnih zuba. Snažan su temelj za fiksne (čvrste) ili mobilne (pomične) protetske nadomjestke. Oblik implantata je sličan obliku zubnog korijena, cilindričan ili blago koničan. Dužina implantata varira od 5 mm do 15 mm, promjer od 3 mm do 5 mm. Odabir promjera i čužine implantata ovisi o volumenu čeljusne kosti u koju se implantar planira ugraditi. Zubni implantati ugrađuju se u čeljusnu kost ispod razine zubnog mesa i sami po sebi nisu cjelovito rješenje. Zubni implantati su zamjena za prirodni zubni korijen odnosno predstavljaju unutarnji, nevidljivi, noseći dio konstrukcije, a na njega se postavlja vanjski, vidljivi dio – krunice ili zubni mostovi.

Zdrav i lijep osmijeh je mnogo više od brige o zubima, on Vas čini atraktivnijima i punim samopouzdanja!