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Clinic description and services

Welcome to the dental clinic of dr.Dražen Babić.
Here You will inform Yourself about my team, myself and our work. If You are intrested in our work, please do not hesitate to contact us!

More about us

The dental practice of Dražen Babić, doctor of dental medicine, started working in 2000.
I finished the study of dental medicine in Zagreb in 1994, after which I worked at the community health care centre in Krapina for 6 years. Since then I have been working at the dental practice in Đurmanec.

Why choose us?

We are located only 5 minutes from the Slovenian border, near the border crossing Macelj-Gruškovje/Rogatec.
We fit the implants using a minimally invasive method which guarantees a speedy recovery without pain. All the materials that we use are of certified high quality, as well as the prosthetic work for which the patients get guarantees. We also have radiovisiography so that the radiation required for imaging is reduced to a minimum.
Promotional sale: pay two fillings/get the third one for free
On a bridge with 8 or more units we give 1 porcelain unit/tooth for free

Our clinic and our team

We regularly attend professional training seminars in order to keep up with the latest working methods, materials and diagnostic tests.
Since the establishment of our practice we have been working as a team consisting of dr. Dražen Babić and dental assistant Ivančica Babić. We deal with implantology, fixed and mobile prosthetics as well as aesthetic dentistry.
Our approach to the patient is completely individual. We are not a polyclinic with 10 or more chairs that treats the patients as if they were on a conveyor belt, we talk to the patients in order to hear their wishes and suggest the best solutions in accordance with those wishes.


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Dr. Dražen Babić dr.med.dent., dental clinic

Implantology and teeth implants

17.02.2016. 16:16:12

Implantology and teeth implants

Implantology, an avant-garde discipline of dental medicine, deals with the installation of dental implants, or replacing one or more missing teeth in the oral cavity. In the past 50-odd years, implantology in dentistry has made great progress. Almost daily development of the latest technologies enabled it to rapidly improve the quality of the final dental procedure, which is reflected in the improvement of health conditions and the aesthetic appearance of the patient after undergoing the dental procedure.

Dental implants are the basis for a replacement tooth that is installed in the jaw, which gradually adjusts to the tooth structure and assumes the function of a real tooth. It is a quality choice in solving problems caused by their loss. They are installed in living tissue and are the basis for projects in the field of prosthetics, such as the installation of crowns, bridges, dentures and the like.

What causes the loss of teeth?
Tooth loss is common and is usually caused by decay, excessive wear of the teeth, tooth cracking or paradontosis. Regardless of the reason, tooth loss is a major health and aesthetic problem. In addition to dissatisfaction and discomfort in the aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity, there is also the problem in the inability or difficulty in consuming food products.

The real and only solution in this situation is implants. Their installation replaces the root of the missing tooth and is the basis for a dental prosthesis or bridge that is then placed on it.

The implatology procedure and types of dental implants

Dental implants can be used by all adults, provided they have healthy gums, healthy tissue of the mouth and strong jaws. In addition, they must meet the requirements for the process of implantology.

The procedure of implantology is team work between the patient and the dentist. After an examination and establishing the dental situation, our team of doctors of dental medicine will consult with you in order to select the best solution which will restore a smile to your face and make you proud of healthy and beautiful teeth. Depending on the specific condition of your mouth, the proper type of implants are carefully selected, treatment tailoring each patient is planned in order for the dental needs to be met. The process of installing implants is safer and easier thanks to excellent possibilities of the 3D CT diagnostic device available at our Centre.

The implantology procedure covers the following

- Replacement of one tooth – one tooth is missing, one implant and crown is used as a replacement
- Replacement of a few teeth – a few teeth are missing and can be replaced by implants supported by bridges
- Replacement of all teeth – if all teeth are missing, they can be replaced by implmants supported by an entire bridge or prosthesis
- Sinus lifting

After removing the tooth, the jawbone begins resorbing and reducing. The sinuses, with no bones keeping them in their initial place, begin to expand and occupy the empty space that was once the bone. Without sufficient bone mass is impossible to install an implant. If the sinuses have shifted down, there should be a procedure called a sinus lift, and it is performed under local anaesthesia.

First, a small hole is made in the bone that provides access to the sinus. Using a small tool, the doctor will raise the sinus to its original position. Then, below the raised sinus, along the existing bone, he sets artificial bone as a material for transplantation. The transplant will, in addition to an incentive for the creation of new bone, keep the sinus at the required height, after which the procedure will be possible. In some cases, without this procedure is not possible to install the implant.

In the dental practice there are several types of dental implants. Today's implants are in most cases made of titanium and are biocompatible. They are intended for patients 18 years and older. The painless surgical implant is a safe procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia.

Their installation requires a high level of training of doctors of dental medicine, technicians and a technologically equipped clinic.