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Ordination description and services 

Welcome to the dental clinic of dr. mr. sci. Alen Ahmetović! Here you can learn more about us, our work and our team. If we have tickled your curiosity, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

More about us

With the combination of experience, knowledge, the hight tech equipment and technology that we use, we are striving to meet all the wishes and needs of our patients. Some of our fields of work are:

  • Implantology
  • Oralsurgery 
  • Parodontology

Why come to us?

Our goal is to bring to you new avenues of dentistry with the goal of maintaining your oral health and esthetic look. With that goal in mind, we are daily using the most sophisticated technology in dental medicine, chosing for you the best solutions. Our clinics are located only 35 km from Zagreb, in the very heart of Hrvatsko Zagorje, in Stubičke Toplice. Herby we are inviting you to come and use this as a chance to visit the dentist. At the same time you will have the pleasure to get to know the unique pearl of untouched nature, gastronomical pleasures and a visit to our many well known castles. 

My ordination and my team

Modern technology, regular advanced education and following the up to date developments in the field of implantology: we will do anything for a more expert treatment of your teeth and implants. You can count on a friendly service in the relaxing atmosphere of our premises.

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Mobile Prosthetics

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Fixed Prosthodontics

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  • Dental Implants -

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31 % Off   Dental  prosthesis  on 4-6 implants !      More info.....

31 % Off Dental prosthesis on 4-6 implants ! More info.....

Intradent d.o.o

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Intradent presents 39% of discount on dental crowns and abutment

Intradent presents 39% of discount on dental crowns and abutment

Intradent d.o.o

39% of discount on dental crowns and abutment. The regular price is 300 €, while the discounted price makes 183 €.

Dental implants

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Dental implants

Tooth loss occurs because of trauma, bleeding, gum disease or aging. Regardless of the reason for this frequent occurrence, a lost tooth should be replaced for aesthetic and functional reasons. The restoration of teeth, substitutes such as dentures or bridges, have been proved to be insufficient in functionality and much less effective and permanent than implants. In most cases, implants are the only logical choice for the complete functional restoration of teeth and supporting structures.
What are dental implants?
Dental implants are artificial tooth replacements. They consist of titanium anchors embedded in the jaw in order to support the substitutes. Implants are to achieve direct contact with the external surface and the surrounding bone tissue in order to be fused together (osseointegration) and thus ensure stable support for the new tooth.
Installing dental implants
Before the implant procedure, we will check the health of your teeth and gums; if there is an indication of gum disease or bleeding, we will treat it. The treatment will be scheduled after the X-ray examination that assesses the bone quality and examines the anatomy of the supporting structures. There is then discussion in which you will be thoroughly familiarized with the further procedure.
Phase of installing dental implants
• The implant is embedded into the bone by a surgical method. The procedure is quick and painless as it is performed under local anaesthesia. After installing there is a recovery period during which the implant coalesce with the bone (osseointegration), which takes 2-6 months.
• After the recovery period for the implant, there is an additional instalment or support is placed for the substitute tooth.
• A month or two later, after strengthening the gums, the substitute tooth is placed on the implant or prosthesis.
Who can have implants
• Anyone who lacks natural teeth and who does not have the full natural ability of chewing, an impaired aesthetic appearance or impaired speech is a candidate for installing dental implants.
• Implants can be the solution when there is difficulty or an inability to use dentures.
• It is important to have enough bone tissue and bone that has satisfactory strength. It is extremely important that you do not have health problems that can compromise healing (uncontrolled diabetes, chemotherapy after a tumour and the like).
Advantage of implants
A smaller loss of bone tissue
The natural process of renewal of the body is also done to bone tissue around the tooth root. However, with the loss of a tooth, the bone around the root gradually begins to disappear, which can sometimes change the shape of the jaw. Dental implants installed in this place promote bone growth by preventing such a loss of bone structure.
Enhanced functionality
When dental implants grow together in your jawbone, they function just like your natural teeth. Unlike some other substitutes, where irritation or inflammation of the gums can occur with the chewing of harder food, with implants you can eat any food and smile totally relaxed and confident.
Preservation of natural teeth and aesthetics
The quality of natural are not sacrificed for the installation of implants because the procedure does not require the alternation of adjacent teeth to serve as a support for the implant. This means that the natural teeth remain intact, which is an important long-term benefit to your oral health. Made professionally, dental implants are no different from the surrounding natural teeth, but since they grow together with the bones, soon you feel as if they were your natural teeth.