What is Dental Booking?

Dental Booking is a multilingual registry/search tool and an advertising platform for dentists and dental clinics operating on the territory of Croatia.

Is Dental Booking aimed towards patients or dentists?

Dental Booking is aimed to both patients in search for a specific service and dentists who can use the page to promote their services and special offers.

As a potential patient, what kind of information can I get through Dental Booking?

Accessing our registry and search tool, you can find dentists' locations and their basic info based on your preferences, the services provided by a specific dentist, along with the prices and special offers.

As a private practice dentist, what kind of benefit do I get through Dental Booking?

As a dentist, enrolling in our registry and throug various advertising models, you'll be able to promote your services and special offers to a targeted audience in Croatia and abroad, increasing the number of your patients.

How does the registration and advertising procedure work on Dental Booking?

The registration form is simple and free for both users and dentists. According to their preferences, dentists are able to choose between the basic (free) package that includes their basic info in our registry; the PLUS and SILVER packages with some additional options, like a picture gallery, special offers ad and social networks sharing and the GOLD package to access maximum functionality, support and promotion services. 

Does Dental Booking offer any information about the prices for a certain dental service?

Yes. If you're unable to find the necessary information on our page, you can ask a question through our ''Ask an expert'' or ''Get a quote'' forms and we'll provide you with the best prices in short time.

Could Dental Booking help me finding out what kind of service do I need based on my own description?

Yes. You can ask us a question and describe your problem through the ''Ask an expert'' or ''Get a quote'' forms and our experts will provide you with their professional opinion in short time. 

Can I use Dental Booking as a foreign citizen?

Yes. Dental Booking is available in 5 languages: Croatian, Slovenian, English, German and Italian. You can also ask us any question on any of these languages accessing our contact form.

Is Dental Booking available on Social Networks?

Yes. Dental Booking is available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and the links to our profiles are available on the home page header and footer.